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    Come this this Wednesday at 3:30 PM in a conversation with a Honors College Alumna!
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About Us

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Help Your Peers Excel (H.Y.P.E)

The goal of this program is to allow Honors College students at Florida International University the capability to excel both academically and socially for the entirety of their college careers. By providing students with a mentor from their first day of college to their last will allow them to network with like-minded individuals, receive guidance from successful peers, and form bonds within a tight-knit community of diverse students and alumni while they build their academic portfolios.

What H.Y.P.E Has To Offer

Amazing Features

Simplify your transition

Get help with your transition from high school to college, then from college to the workforce


Create connections and discover opportunities available for Honors College Students

Join a community

Join a community of students with similar interests while meeting exciting people and having fun!

Beyond academics

Learn and receive more information about career opportunities that go beyond academics

Benefits To Joining

why join h.y.p.e?


H.Y.P.E mentees will be able to receive guidance from professors, from FIU alumni of your choosing, and from fellow peers. These mentors will be available to guide mentees through the entirety of their college careers by providing them with life, academic, and social advice that will propel you forward and help you grow!

Social Connections

As part of the H.Y.P.E organization, club members will have the opportunity to meet individuals from all majors and all professions who will be able to provide guidance and opportunities. H.Y.P.E's goal is to create a real-life LinkedIn to get members where they want to go. With plenty of fun events planned for the academic year, members will meet new people and create lifetime bonds with their mentors!

Internships & Job Opportunities

Looking to get a job? Or an internship? As part of the Honors College, H.Y.P.E provides members with all the available resources to help them get a job or internship in the field that they choose. Plus, their mentors will be there to guide them!


H.Y.P.E's goal is to have workshops that teach members the things that THEY want to learn more about whether it be about resume writing, how to apply for graduate school, or what to wear for an interview. H.Y.P.E will also bring in educators from different backgrounds to highlight key details members should be mindful of when applying to graduate school.

An organization created by students, led by students, and made just for students

Our Officers

Executive Board

Alexis Spencer

HYPE President

Kaitlyn Mitchell

HYPE Vice President

Parsa Nilchian

HYPE Secretary

Andres Coronado

HYPE Treasurer

Alana Harris

HYPE Social Events Coordinator

Beatriz Valido

HYPE Historian

Megan Yavar

HYPE Mediator

Cassandra Zuria

HYPE Marketing & Webmaster

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